E45a Sunrise Lav I- SOLD; E45b Sunrise Lav II-unavailable

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sunrise Lav I

Sunrise Lav II (SOLD)

Comprising purple teardop glass beads, glass pearls, acrylic butterflies and flowers etc, Sunrise Lav symbolises a budding romance. Sunrise Lav I is more suitable for nite wear given its more vibrant colour while Sunrise Lav II for day wear given its sweeter colour. This earring is about 6cm in length.

Update: I'm keeping 1 piece of Sunrise Lav I for myself cos I realise it matches a beautiful batik purple dress I have for a wedding dinner coming up. The earrings look perfect on me..hehehe ... So, just left 1 Sunrise Lav I.

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