Tag Board Problem

Thursday, July 06, 2006

I'm not too sure what happen to my tagboard but will rectify the problem asap. In the meantime, u can leave me messages in the Comment section under each picture or email me. Thanks !


Lyn said...

Hi, I wan to purchase ur Sweet Oasis!!!

dun tink I wan Kawaii Catfish, cos I prefer to haf gold ear hook and attention seeking coloyrs beads like turquoise..? ]D

pLS make more beautiful swaroski crystals, turquoise czech glass beads, glass pearls big bling bling earrings if possible! tks!!

lavender said...

Hi Lyn,
Sure, will keep Sweet Oasis for u...will also note ur preference...yes, will have more bling bling earrings coming up soon...heee

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