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Monday, July 24, 2006

Hello gals,

Though I have many ideas and can't wait to create more lovely accessories, it's good to also know the types of earrings, bracelets or necklaces and the types of charms or beads etc. that u would like to see here. Do drop me a comment here if u can. Thanks.

PS: As my camera is on loan to someone else, pictures of new accessories will only be uploaded on Wednesday. So, rem to check back :)


Anonymous said...

hey there!!!I am looking for some necklaces..i like necklace tat is unique lookin..keke..does it help??
oh..n earrings,i like big n loud de

lyn said...

Hellos! Lyn here!!

I love chandelier type of earrings!! Like tis maybe?


I also love big and round earrings to! with chains and crystal and charms... hahas...

Anonymous said...

i like necklace wif black or silver color chain rather dan gold all d time. heee...

i prefer earring like wat ive bought from you not long ago,the cupid.. heeee...


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