Updates: Rewarding Returning Customers for a Limited Time Period +

Saturday, October 07, 2006

This is an update on the Promotion for Beads of Lav Accessories:

To recognise the support and loyalty of returning customers, there is a 10% discount for all subsequent items after you have made the first purchase of at least $20 or two purchases of at least $20*. All you need to do is to let me know your name and what you have purchased earlier. Once I have verfied your earlier purchases, you will get your discount automatically.

As the accessories come in very limited quantity, do grab them before they are gone. All items will be sold on a first come first serve basis. For very hot items, it will be based on a first transfer money, first taken basis.


* The change above takes effect from September 2006.
+ The promotion above is for a limited time period and can be subject to changes without prior notice.

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