B10 Unicorn Love $29.90, SOLD

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Unicorn Love, $29.90
Originally uploaded by Beads of Lav.

I love unicorns. They are the epitome of purity and strength. According to legends, they can only be caught with the help of virgins.

Unicorn Love is made with a lovely US imported gold unicorn charm, gold heart with a diamante, huge purple czech crystal, purple semi-precious stone bead, dark magenta glass pearl, violet czech glass pearl, purple faceted flat teardrop, 2-toned purple and magenta czech crystals, 14K gold plated chain, 14K gold plated clasp etc.

BTW, where possible, I'm slowly improving the quality of my jewels by using more 14K gold plated chains and components to ensure they do not tarnish easily and can last longer. Hence, the price is slightly higher. Also, if u want your precious jewels to be even more lasting, I've also 24K gold-plated chain. So, let me know, k?


Anonymous said...

remakes possible?

lavender said...

Sorry, yung. All have been sold.

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