Sunshine after the rain

Friday, December 22, 2006

I can't believe it. Now, I'm accused of copying a particular site's designs.. Duh? The funny thing is that I was earlier informed by Rach that this particular site has designs similar to mine. I have looked through the site but decided not to pursue this matter since there are no exact copies. Also, I believe my discerning customers could decide for themselves if there's any copying involved since I have dated my entries. You can see for yourself which designs appear first. Also, I want to give the other site the benefit of doubt and be very nice cos it is possible to have somewhat similar designs given the limited types of beads and charms available in the market. However, it still hurts a little to have the table turned against u. Ouch...

Anyway, a pleasant surprise in my mail box today has brightened me up. I received a lovely box of lavender products from a thoughtful customer. I love it. Thanks, Yung.

Isn't this lovely? :) Lavender - My favourite colour, my favourite flower, my favourite scent.


yung said...

hi love, glad it brighten u up :)
i'm sure us customers know u DID not copy since we always let you know what we have in mind before you make a one of piece for us!
n yes babe, 2 more orders coming up :)
not @ the moment though, cos abit broke. heheheheh.
i need 2 bff pieces for vday!
for me and my bestie.
i dont noe whether its gona be a necklace or bracelet. simplicity.
she likes it.
when i have the moolahs. i will let you know okie! so remember. 2 more orders up! have a gd day :)

lavender said...

Thanks Yung. No prob. Take ur time. :)

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