Year End Break

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Hello my friends,

By next week this time, I'll be in the country down under for a year end break. So, if u are still wondering what to get for your Christmas, do decide quick and email me immediately. If you are thinking of customising something for yourself or someone, do let me know asap too, so I can hunt for the neccessary jewels u need. All items must be mailed out by 8 Dec (Fri).

In the meantime, I'm rushing out as many bling beauties as I can, using rare Tinkerbell charms, more US-imported gold charms etc.

As I'll likely be busy with the year end preparations for New Year, I'll probably not be able to post new items so regularly. Hence, do join my mailing list so that u can have the first hand info. of the latest items available.

Hopefully while basking in the warm Australian sun, I'll be able to find unique beads and charms for use when I return. Hope u are as excited about the new goodies as I am :)

Have a great Sunday ahead!

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