Mailing List Update

Monday, January 08, 2007


I've just updated my mailing list by adding my earlier customers who have NOT personally subscribe to my mailing list using the template on this blog. So, to my earlier customers, an email to confirm the subscription has been sent to your mailbox. Only after confirmation will you be added to my mailing list. However, if there's problem confirming your subscription, kindly personally just re-subscribe by typing in your name and email address in the mailing list template on this blog.

There are some customers whom I've lost the email address. So, if by now, you don't receive any email asking for subscription confirmation, pls do join my mailing list using the mailing list template on my blog too.

Do confirm ur email addresses asap cos my 2007 bling bling will be out very soon. I'll inform all via the mailing list. As most items, especially the necklaces are one-off given the rarity of the beads and charms used, the items can only be reserved for you for 1 day to make payment. Else, the items will be released to the next interested party.

Thanks and have a blessed new year ahead!

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Anonymous said...

Add me pls


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