E145 Korean Beauty $20.90, SOLD

Friday, February 02, 2007

Korean Beauty, $20.90
Originally uploaded by Beads of Lav.

The recent craze with Korean things goes beyond food and TV shows to include fashion and stuff. I've seen so many pretty Korean flowery and flowing dresses that I couldn't resist getting one for myself. Anyway, this earring is an inspiration from the pretty korean dresses seen and is made with organza like roses from Australia, which look better and more refined than in pic. Somehow, the camera makes the roses here look blury, u know what I mean? Other beads include purple czech glass briolettes, czech 2-tone AB coated crystals, mauve fresh water pearls, purple czech crystals, rings of cream swaroski crystals etc. A very elegant piece, this asymmetrical earring is about 6cm long.

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