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Friday, March 30, 2007

Hello friends,

I know some of you are eagerly waiting for my new bling goodies. Sorry to keep everyone waiting cos I just have to do some blog housekeeping and stock checking before I get myself lost in my tons of creations. :P

After renaming my items by adding a serial number, it will help both you & me to browse and find my creations easily. So, kindly quote the serial number and item for eg."N32 Royal Kitty" when placing your orders or making enquiries.

Also, some items which were previously sold out are now available (in limited quantity) due to some customers' earlier request for remakes. So, to see what's still available, just click on "New" under Categories.

If you are still interested in some other sold items, do email me to check if remakes are possible. I may be able to remake some sold items in an almost similar fashion but with slight variation if I've run out of the beads and charms.

New bling goodies would be up in 1-2 days' time. If you love earrings and bracelets, then you must not miss the next set of uploads. See ya back here soon ...


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