E175 Tiffany, $22.90/ USD15 - SOLD

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tiffany, $22.90/ USD15
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I love Tiffany. Its simple and elegant designs never fail to bring out one's appreciation for the finer things in life. So, here's a pair of earring inspired by Tiffany jewellery. At 4.5-6cm long, Tiffany is made with different swaroski crystals of blue and turquoise shades, gold swaroski crystals, blue czech glass teardrops, a ring of brilliant crystals, 14k gold-plated crystal ear stud,14k gold-plated round ear stud etc. Chains are 24k gold-plated. Only 2 are available.

Updates: Tiffany can be remade with slight changes. I can't seem to find the oval light goldish swaroski crystal on the right side earring and so will replace it with another goldish swaroksi crystal which is the same one I use for the left side. If keen, email me quickly as I'm only remaking another 3-4 pieces.

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