E183 Violet Swirls (SOLD) & E184 Strawberry Swirls, $20.90 (SOLD)/ USD14 each

Friday, May 04, 2007

This is the first 2 pairs of surprise, Violet Swirls and Strawberry Swirls that I've been working hard at for Mother's Day. I've been experimenting with polymer clay and finally managed to create 2 lovely lentils. It was a tedious process and truly, I can appreciate how much time and effort Karin needs to create her beautiful beads.

Of course, if you like the earrings too, there's no harm sharing it with your mum, which is something many modern mums and daughters do nowadays, isn't? Both earrings are about 4cm in length and are made with matching swaroski crystals and acrylic pearls. Ear hooks, chains and gold rings are 14k gold-plated. Only 1 piece of each is available. No remakes.

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