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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Do you know that butterflies
- taste with their feet?
- do not have mouths that allow them to chew or bite?
- do not spin a cocoon?
At least according to milkweedcafe.com, the above is true.

Butterflies are such unique creatures and I could only say that God is a creative God. Metamorphosis, my signature 7 in 1 earring, is an attempt at expanding my creative energy. It comprises the most number of beads and crystals used, with huge czech clear glass teardrop, czech purple glass beads, different purplish swaroski crystals, clear czech crystals,pink czech crystals, pink swaroski crystal, goldish swaroski crystal, pink jade bead, gold filigree bead, gold 3D butterfly,14k gold-plated chain, 14k gold-plated ear hooks, 14k gold-plated clasps etc. The drop is the longest at about 7.5cm to 1.8cm.

As seen from the photos, there are 2 removable strands of beads, one purple themed, the other pink themed. Hence, you can match this with pink themed dressing or purple themed or pinkish/purplish themed dressing. Or without the 2 strands of beads, you can easily match your attire with the clear & gold combination. A truly one of a kind earring, you can't find this anywhere else. (However, if you do, pls inform me cos it's likely to be a copy & I'll not hesistate to take action against the copycat.)


Anonymous said...

Hi! I would like to purchase Metamorphosis! Pls let me know if it is confirmed! Thanks!


:: sMaLL AnT :: said...

Hey gal...this is my 1st visit to Beads of LAv, and I think it's really COOL~
This metamorphosis really catches my eyes, would you be making it again??? Such a beautiful creation....

Let me know ya!

God bless,

lavender said...

Hi Jo,

Not at the moment. Metamorphosis has been sold out. Sorry about it. Maybe you can join my mailing list so that you can be kept of new designs.


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