N38 Love Trap, $39.90/ USD26.50 - All SOLD

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Love Trap is a versatile silver and gold necklace of about 26". Like Bambi at Play, it is easily adjustable and you can wear it in a few ways. The centrepiece is actually a very beautiful silver fairy charm studded with magenta crystals, sorta trapped in the middle of a gold mesh heart, with a purple swaroski heart crystal beside it. (I can't seem to photograph the fairy well cos in reality, it is a very pretty and detailed charm with its bling bling crystals.) Above the fairy lies a purple flower and a 14k gold-plated butterfly. Hanging below is a 24k gold-plated heart and a big clear czech crystal.

I'm sure many of us have similar experiences when you feel trapped by love. Trapped because you love someone so much that you sacrifice many things, especially the freedom to do your own things. Or trapped because someone loves you so much that you couldn't (bear to) leave him/her. Being trapped isn't necessary bad in these cases cos it's a privilege to love and be loved. :)


Anonymous said...

Is this still avaliable?

lavender said...

Sorry, all sold at the moment.

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