N40 The Aventurine Key, $59.90/ USD40- All SOLD

Saturday, July 07, 2007

This many in 1 necklace cum bracelet cum bag charm took me quite awhile to complete. My intention was to continue creating 4 in 1 necklaces in the style of Love Trap but while experimenting, I realise I could combine Love Trap necklace style with my earlier 4 in 1 necklace style like Iris and Rouge. What's really amazing is that this versatile piece can yield about 15 styles (& more if you spend time experimenting with it) and if you are slim enough, you have a bracelet too. I've used many beautiful charms like the big diamantee silver key with green swaroski crystal and czech crystal wire-worked around it, jade-like Aventurine semi-precious stones in this piece and my handmade clay bead. This also comes with a big clasp which will allow you to convert part of the necklace to a bag charm. The total length is about 28 inch. See my flickr album for more details of what made up this necklace. Only 2 pieces are available.

After this collection, I'll be taking a break. I'm not too sure how long this break would be cos I've many things at hand to settle. So, to thank many of my loyal customers, the purchase of any necklace in this latest collection will entitle you to free registered postage. This entitlement is for purchase of up to 3 items only, including the necklace and is meant for existing customers only.

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