N50 Manami, $49.90/ USD33.50 -SOLD

Thursday, February 14, 2008

If you know who Manami Konishi, a rising star in Japan, is, you would know how beautiful she is. Manami meaning beauty and love in Japanese, is just the perfect name for this necklace with a touch of oriental charm.

At 30 inch long, this necklace is made with a number of rare and costly czech glass beads, semi-precious stones like the green agate rose and aventurine beads, tensha bead, pretty charms like the anna sui like mirror charm, comb charm with diamantee, matt gold bird charm, a large rare detachable shell filigree, 14k gold-plated chains etc.

I have used a black background to better bring out the beauty of the large shell filigree. As the shell filigree is creamy white amidst green beads of varying shades, it looks great on our Asian skin tone. Isn't it intricately beautiful?

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