E268 Let Me Fly, $28.90/ USD19- SOLD

Monday, March 03, 2008

Let Me Fly, at 3.5-5.5cm, is a cute and yet elegant earring of gold and black combination. Made with semi-precious stones like quality hermatite black ring gemstone, small merlinite stones which look like quail eggs :), black onyx beads, swaroski crystals, black rose charm, champagne glass leaf, gold bird cage charm, 14k gold-plated ear hooks etc.

I'm sure you have noticed by now that I've experimented with a new beading technique in a few of my earrings. It's going to be my signature style of entwining beads and crystals within rings. So far, I've not seen anyone with such a style. I hope that you will like it as much as I do.

If you are a fellow beader and are inspired by my signature designs/style and would like to use it, please email me and give me a proper acknowledgement by using " Inspired by Lavender, Beads of Lav ". I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

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