E273 Moonflower, $27.90/ USD18.50- SOLD

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Moonflower, at about 5cm long, is made for one who looks good in attire of different yellow shades, from vanilla yellow to lemon yellow. Why this special purpose, you might ask? Well, I'm one who can't wear yellow & I don't have a single yellow dress or top. The colour just doesn't look nice on me. So, in some ways, I admire those who could wear such a bright cheery colour. Hence, this gives me the inspiration to create Moonflower :)

Anyway, Moonflower is made with pale pink swaroski crystals (which look red here), gold butterfly charm, a cute angel-on-moon charm, acrylic flowers, clay flowers, czech glas beads, 14k gold-plated ear hooks etc.


Teddy said...

hi, am kinda interested in ur newest design, MoonFlower earrings... thinkin bout buyin it but u got that "all reserved" tag.. does that mean all sold out or something?
thx and look forward in ur respond..

Teddy said...

or maybe the Midnight Snow too.. btw, this is my first visit to ur site and I gotta admit u hav a wonderful set of collections there.. I mean am not one that wear this kind of stuff, but ur creations are beautiful i hav to say... keep it up..

lavender said...

Thanks Teddy. It's nice to hear such lovely compliments. :)

lavender said...

Hi Teddy again,
yup. Moonflower is all sold out. Sorry about it cos my charms & beads are rare and limited in quantity. Do join my mailing list to get the latest updates on my jewellery :)

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