Smiling Jadon

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Smiling Jadon
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Hello aunties and uncles! My mummy wants to apologise to you for not putting up new blings yet as she's still enjoying her time with me and my big sister. She's now busy looking after me and teaching my big sister to read/write. She'll try to come back soon, probably next month. :)

PS: Don't I have a cute smile? Cute enough to melt all the gals' hearts ..hehehe


Anonymous said... old is jadon?
did know u gave birth to an adorable cute lil baby boy, ya...hahaha


lavender said...

This smiling Jadon was about 2mths he has turned 3mths ...time flies...& he really loves smiling esp when some1 talks to him... :)

Anonymous said... can just smile back..teehee...

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