RG01 Be my shepherd, $24.90 -SOLD

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Be my shepherd is my first ring. It is made with an imported rare mother-of-pearl sheep admist imported vintage flowers, swaroski crystals, lucite flowers, czech glass beads, rhodium-plated 'expandable' ring setting etc. Sitting comfortably on my 2nd finger (measuring about 6cm in diameter), Be my shepherd would definitely be an attention grabber and conversation starter.

Update: All rings come in a gift box at no additional cost and would make a great gift, especially for the coming Christmas season. Do get it quick if you like it as I would not remake anymore once this is sold out.


Anonymous said...

Hi...Just to be frank, such a nice ring with rare mother of pearl should price higher. :) That's just my opinion, no offence.

Anonymous said...

hi! i was wondering if u customise in ur free time? cos i need something in black for someone's xmas present
thought i asked u earlier =p
lmk pls?


lavender said...

Thanks anonymous. I should price my ring higher cos a lot of effort & time is put into creating it with rare items I source around the world. However, I also want as many to be able to afford my handmade items so some items here are specially priced at a much lower price, in particular my rings, unless very costly gemstones are used :)

lavender said...

Hi gnuy, at the moment, I'm quite tight with my time & other urgent orders so I may not be able to customise for your friend. However, I'll bear in mind something black in colour & maybe create a ring like that in the near future. You can then get it for your friend if it is still in time for Christmas. Sorry about it.

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