N58 Garden Cat, $59.90 -SOLD

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

N58 Garden Cat, $59.90
Originally uploaded by Beads of Lav.

Garden Cat, another of my signature versatile necklace is made with a beautiful assortment of lucite flowers, clay roses, black butterfly with crystals, swarovski crystals together with glass flowers, tree charm, a cute pearly coloured cat charm, rhodium chains etc. With a tinge of pink, this gold, silver and white colour combination necklace would look great for both casual and formal event depending on how you wear it. And how you can wear is only limited by your own creativity. Some ways of wearing are featured to give you some good ideas to begin with :)

1 comment:

Christina said...

Ohh I really like this necklace! It looks elegant because of the assortment of little flower beads and the butterfly, but the cat charm adds a playfulness to it :) And not only does it look beautiful, but it can be worn so many different ways! It makes it unique, since most other necklaces are simple with only one charm or so, and they can only be worn one way :P

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