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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Welcome to my new web home. I have been busy with this makeover for a while. That's why I weren't able to create much jewelry for sale during this period. Hope you like my new website design, which has more organised sections.

To better match my website name with what I'm really selling, I've decided to keep Beads of Lav as the site for selling some of my precious beads and charms. My handmade jewelry will instead be sold over at Jewelry of Lav.

With immediate effect, for enquiry about the purchase of beads and charms, please email me at beadsoflav@gmail.com. If you just want to purchase my beads and charms, please visit Beads of Lav online store.

For enquiry about the purchase of my handmade jewelry, please email me at jewelryoflav@gmail.com instead. If you just want to purchase my handmade jewelry, please visit Jewelry of Lav online store.

Do stay around and have fun browsing. :)

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