So sorry

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I was clearing and organising some old yahoo emails and to my horror, I realise that there were a couple of comments left in this blog that missed my attention. Some of the comments were almost months ago. I'm so sorry if you have left a comment here, wanting to buy something but did not received my reply. I've already sent all the replies I could to those interested in my handmade jewelry. Please forgive me if you have been one of those who waited till the flowers wither.

It's quite strange cos I have no reasons to miss reading those emails and I really suspect this problem has to do with Yahoo mail, which can act strangely and deliver my emails super late and sometimes, send my important emails to the junk mail folder. Urggghhh..... So, kindly email me at and avoid emailing to my yahoo a/c. Thanks!!!!

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