E449 Pretty

Thursday, July 16, 2009

E449 Pretty
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At 4.5-5.5cm long, Pretty is the name of this 3 in 1 earring plus pendant, inspired by Elizabeth Arden's latest fragrance, Pretty. Like its name, Pretty is handmade with pretty cream rose from Japan, pretty vintage imported flowers, vintage cream rose, many swarovski crystals, pink glass tear drop, gold perfume bottle charm, gold dressing table charm, vintage gold dress charm, 14k gold leverback ear hooks etc. (The charms don't look very good in the photos but are actually intricately made with clear details. The perfume charm actually has the word, "perfume" carved on it.)

Pretty can be worn as just earrings or necklace pendants separately or has a set of 2 earring sides and 1 necklace pendant. You decide which to be the earring side and which to be the necklace pendant. This is just another lovely versatile style, brought to you, specially by Jewelry of Lav. Another beautiful and great value for your money. :)

Purchase this at Jewelry of Lav.

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