N74 Sea Goddess

Friday, July 31, 2009

N74 Sea Goddess
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Sea Goddess handmade necklace is inspired by the beauty of Ms Rachel Kum, Miss Singapore Universe 2009. This long and versatile necklace is handmade with precious turquoise gemstone, many swarovski pearls, big swarovski star crystal, big swarovski shell crystal, 14k gold mermaid charm, handmade clay bead from Germany, silver shell charm with a lovely pearl, silver sea horse charm, a cute and rare beach bag charm with "Dior" inscribed on it, 14k gold chains, rhodium chains etc.

At 39 inches long, not only can you wear the necklace in different ways, you can wear Sea Goddess as a low waist belt too!

Only 1 piece is available cos the other piece belongs to Ms Rachel Kum. Remaking this is not possible cos there are some things that even more money cannot buy like love, natural beauty and of course, limited edition of Jewelry of Lav if sold out. :)

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