E453 Enchanted

Friday, August 14, 2009

E453 Enchanted
Originally uploaded by Beads of Lav.

At about 4-5cm long, Enchanted is handmade with lead free silver princess charm, lead free prince charming charm, lead free castle charm amidst many lovely swarovski crystals, Japanese flowers, 14k gold lever back ear hooks etc.

It's clear where I got my inspiration for this pair of 3 in 1 earring plus pendants. If you have watched the box office hit movie, Enchanted, I'm sure you wouldn't have forgotten Princess Giselle (who found true love with a unlikely "prince"). Nevertheless, the importance thing is that she found true love. So, this handmade earring is created for those who love the movie and still believe in fairytales, like me :)

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