Da Chang Jin

Thursday, May 18, 2006

I feel so sleepy now because my hubby & I have been watching Da Chang Jin VCD for the past 2 days. Because of Da Chang Jin, I've put aside my half done earring. Well, has Da Chang Jin replace my love for beading? Perhaps - just for a few days more when we finish 2 more disc (each disc has about 4 epsiodes!). Though my hubby really likes the show, he also couldn't take it after 3 episodes & had to sleep.. hahaha..

Now, why are people so mad about the show? I guess many people are just inspired by Chang Jin's perseverance, wisdom & kindness in overcoming the many trials and obstacles that the evil Tsui Shang Gong & Co placed in her path. I'm sure, many had secretly hoped that they are like Chang Jin. The truth is that if we look at our life, there's a little Da Chang Jin in many of us. It's just that not many of us realise it. It may take some life threatening events or diffficult times to bring that out of us. For me, I experienced a difficult time last year during my pregnancy. I could only say with gratitude that my God, Jesus Christ brought the spirit of perseverance and hope out of me & sustain our family with His goodness and love. :) I will share more of what happen when the opportunity comes. Now, I've to complete my earrings before Chang Jin beckons :)

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