E08 Papillon Splendour, SOLD

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Here's a creation I experiment using a combination of different coloured metals-gold, silver, dark brown & green. Beads used are beautiful 2 toned czech glass, jade-like czec glass, faux pearls etc. Though it's not very clear from the photo, such a combination looks chic in reality. As my digital camera is making its way to & around Alaska now (cos it's on loan to my sis-in-law on her vacation *so envious*), I have to use another digital camera that is powered by rechargeable battery! (Quite a dinosaur I must say). Hence, the quality of the pic is not as good as the previous pics'. Nevertheless, I'll try to showcase my earrings in their loveliest form as best as I can.


aNgElx toUchEd e sKy said...

hey girl..
are u still selling this???
so nice!!
i like!

Anonymous said...

heya this is so nice ! (: are u flame gal? im watashiandme!

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