Anniversary Promotion 2 - Links

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hello again,

If you own a blog, whether it is an online blog shop or a personal blog detailing your everyday life, you will be entitled to 10% off all purchases made here with free normal postage if you link me back using any of the two Beads of Lav banners.

Some criteria to note:
1)Beads of Lav Banner should appear on your main page and not on a separate link page.
2)Your blog should be active for at least 3 months, with regular postings of about at least 2 postings a week.
(More criteria may be added if deem necessary)

Getting the 10% discount:
1) Just email me your blog address and the item you are interested in.
2) Once your blog link is accepted, the discount will be given to you.

The above promotion is only for a limited time period and may cease as and when needed.


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