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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Have you heard of PayPerPost? It is another great site to allow bloggers and advertisers to connect, where bloggers get paid for reviewing advertisers' products and services.

What is truly fantastic about PayPerPost is that over 100 writing opportunites are available for you to select. The payout for each opportunity is also high - ranging from USD5 to USD135 for simply posting your views of some products and services ! If you are a born blogger, then PayPerPost is for you :)

There are also many interesting features about PayPerPost. The first is the Review My Post program, where you can invite other bloggers to blog about your post in their blog. When the bloggers get paid for blogging about your post, you get paid too! It is a win-win situation. :)

The second unique feature of PayPerPost is its PayPerPost Direct Program that allows advertisers to contact you directly and for you to negotiate with the advertisers on the price and scope of product/service review. This program gives a blogger a lot of freedom and power to manage his/her own advertising deal.

So, if you have been writing your reviews, opinions and feelings about products or services since Day 1 of your blogging life, then PayPerPost is perfect for you to get paid for blogging. You can find out more about using PayPerPost after you have register for it. I have already signed up for it. So, don't wait any minute longer. Check out PayPerPost now. :)

Of course, if you are an advertiser, PayPerPost is also a great advertising platform for you, with so many bloggers out there, waiting to review your products and services. Check out blog advertising for more information.

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