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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tonight has been a challenging night. My spirit is low and I feel I need to be lifted up. Perhaps, it is because my daughter has not been sleeping well for a few weeks already. She seems to wake in the middle of night crying for no obvious reasons and sometimes, it takes a while to calm her down. We have been praying every night for her before her sleep and hope that soon, normal life will resume. Perhaps, I am just feeling tired and when I am physically tired, I could not feel very happy.

When times like this happen, I like to visit Grace Reign blog, a blog which provides a lot of Godly encouragement and wisdom. Paula, the writer of the blog, speaks a lot of hope and encouragement into me through her reflection of her walk with God. I really feel that many times, God speaks to me through her reflection and writing. It is real blessing for me to find her blog.

Are you also feeling lousy or sad or discouraged? Perhaps, you too can be lifted up in your spirit through reading Grace Reign blog and coming to know our good Lord Jesus. :)

Have a good night rest, my friends.


God's Dew Of Heaven said...

Hey there,

was passing through your blog and chanced upon this post.

sometimes we don't understand the situations in our lives but what we do know is that God is definitely in control.

He said in His Word " I will not leave you nor forsake You"...

Know that God has heard your prayers. You're loved, highly favoured and so blessed! =)

lavender said...

Thanks for such encouraging words. Yes, God is good all the time :)

sychua said...

Hi, happen to chance upon your blog and I think it is pretty impressive. Hope that you have a better time this week. In fact the same thing happened to me too as my son was sick the past 2 weeks and couldn't sleep as well.

Let's pray that both our kids recover soon and can have a good night rest. It hurts that they can't sleep well for so long.

lavender said...

Tks sychua. Indeed when our little ones are well, we won't feel very feel well too. May God heal your boy quickly and grant him good rest. In Jesus name, Amen. :)

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