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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Today, I came across another blog shop selling almost similar jewelry, using similar colour themes and similar birdie mother of pearl charm. Ever since I started using my animal mother of pearl charms in my earrings and rings, I see other blog shops following suit. Should I feel flattered since I'm leading a trend, or shall I feel violated cos again, it's that sickening feeling of seeing your hard work being copied and not be acknowledged for it. Perhaps, I should just ignore them and focus on bringing new stuff here. Innovation is perhaps the key to my frustration. Well, I'll try my best. For my loyal customers out there, thanks for saying no to privacy and for returning to me again and again. For your loyalty, I should be rolling out a special collection, with very lovely and yet pricey beads and charms, at very special prices, just for you. Just join my mailing list to enjoy the special prices, k? If you are already on my mailing list, watch this space, then.


Maddy said...

i don't think it's a trend that blogshop owners are following. the mother of pearl charms are pretty common so everyone bought it from the same supplier thus ending up using the same charms.

Anonymous said...

just thought of leaving a comment here :) I am also a blogshop owner and an online shopper and i'm definitely not the one that uses the same material as you.

I do visit other blogshops and to be frank, i saw others using the MOP birds on earrings before you do so. But i don't mean to say you're not original.

In the market, MOP of different shapes can be found easily, hence seeing the same materials used esp in Singapore (such small market), can't help it.

Personally, i would categorise "copycat" or "follower" when i am VERY certain, and has explored most/all local and global designers to see if they used same stuff that i am using before i curse and swear at that person. Of course need to have evidence. For example the copycat has copied many many designs. Pretty obvious to catch eh? ;)

Again, if you have a strong identity and style in your designs, definitely and surely, customers will be able to judge who is the original one even if the copycat sells cheaper. :)

Take it as a compliment if you feel that you're being copied. I guess what you can do is to work hard so they'll never be ahead of you. And if you observed that your designs are being copied, not once but many times, then GO CONFRONT the person! :)

Opps. I wrote too long. Heh.

lavender said...

Hi Maddy,

Perhaps you are right. But to find the same MOP charm being used in the same type of jewelry in the same colour theme (albeit at a higher price!) is too much of a coincidence? Furthermore, before I decide it's a copycat, I would look at the photo uploaded dates and gone through other designs on the blog. If I find designs similar to other (respectable) designers, then, I don't think I am mistaken in my judgment.

lavender said...

Hi Anonymous (perhaps you can let me know who you are? Cos I like to know who I'm addressing :)),

Ok. your comments are noted. But unfortunately, the shops I saw posted their designs after mine and it's just too much of a coincidence.

Yes, I do confront copycats and I will if she does it again. Anyway, this isn't the first time this has happened. So, I'll just monitor the situation first. Hope things will improve and I do not have to resort to taking any legal action.

Maddy said...

Hi again,

correct me if i'm wrong but there isn't any legal action you can take against another blogshop owner because your designs are not patented. it's a design, not an invention.

lavender said...

Hi Maddy,

Actually, you can, at least based on a consultation with a lawyer friend who deals with trademark issues. As long as you give the lawyers relevant documents to show that there's copying involved, it's possible :)

Cherlyn said...

To Mandy,

I second what Lavender has said, you can register a design under the law. There are actually all sorts of legal rights, or intellectual property rights, which mostly fall into these categories: patents, trade marks, registered designs and copyright. I myself have consulted lawyers before who did say that it can be done. Sometimes, you don't even need to register your work, because under Singaporean law, any original work produced by you is automatically copyrighted, I think you just need to gather enough evidence to show that you have indeed been ripped off.

To Lavender,

Just shrug it off and do not let it bother you. Such people will not last long as artists, because their morals are already all wrong. Don't be bothered too much about it, or it will really affect you. Just take pride in your work and do the things that make you happy instead. Constantly coming up with new ideas and designs is indeed one sure way to go about this.

lavender said...

Thanks Cherlyn for your affirmation. Indeed, we should focus on creating new stuff instead of getting upset with copycats. :)

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